Easy Board GSM/GPRS/GNSS MC60 Module


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1. Introduction of GSM/GPS/GPRS ATCE-01

ATC-E01 is a product developed by AT-COM based on the features of MC60. ATC-E01 is designed with built-in SIMCARD antenna, GSM Antenna, earphone / microphone jack for easy research and development of GSM / GPS/ GPRS related applications such as: In addition, with its compact size, convenient data output,  ATC-E01 will bring to the inspiration of modern and refined design.

2. Schematic design of GSM/GPS/GPRS ATCE-01

3. Feature of MC60-E01 easy board




The product is integrated ATCBus Socket with pins in the order that allows users to connect to products that support ATCBus easily. All in one ATCBus


a. Power Supply and ON/OFF module MC60

Power supply for ATCE-01 is 5VDC. On the circuit is integrated  TPS73701DCQR LDO power IC, supply 4V voltage for MC60 module ensures the module operating at the optimal voltage level. The power supply is capable of providing sufficient current up to 1.6A at least.


The circuit is designed with a transistor turns on/off MC60 module. It is possible to power on/off MC60 in two Methods:

  • Method 1: Driving the PWRKEY to a low level voltage, the module will execute power-down procedure after the PWRKEY is released. To turn on module by driving the power key pin to a low level at leat 100ms.
  • Mothod 2: Supply hight pulse at pin PWR của ATCBus Socket, after module MC60 turn on, led netlight will blink, led status will turn on.

b. Voltage logic selection

The circuit communicates with the microcontroller via ATCBus Socket, which supports communication for both 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers. Choosing the voltage level to communicate with the microcontroller by selecting I / O Level on the circuit. The user selects the I / O Level by welding 0 ohm resistor to 3V3 or 5V position (by default, the 0 Ohm resistor is welded to 5V position).


Change logic level:

  • Remove 0R (size 0805) at current possition.
  • Solder resistor 0R (size 0805) to another posstion.

c. GSM/ GNSS/Bluetooth Antenna

ATC-E01-MC60 support SMD bluetooth antena  of INPAQ and compact two type IPX and SMA antena connector for GSM and GNSS.



d. LED Indicator




4. Dimensions


                               Kích thước cơ khí ATC-E01


Price list

Quantity Unit Price Extended Price
1 $34,460.0000 $34,460.0000
10 $31,020.0000 $310,200.0000
50 $29,290.0000 $1,464,500.0000
100 $25,850.0000 $2,585,000.0000
200 $23,260.0000 $4,652,000.0000
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